What is Agoraphobia?

When most people hear the term agoraphobia, they think about people who are unable to leave their homes. That is a severe case.

For most people, agoraphobia is a form of anxiety where you start to avoid places and situations that cause you to panic or feel trapped. Many are afraid of going out in public because they might get embarrassed, though others may feel trapped in smaller spaces.

Crowds are often too much for people who struggle with agoraphobia, which is the reason that some people fear life outside of their home.

How can you help someone with Agoraphobia?

If you know someone who is struggling with agoraphobia, you can help. You can’t prevent the fear, but you can help them overcome it.

If it is mild, you can start going with them to places where they start to panic. Going over and over (with no reaction) can help them realize that they will be alright, even in a situation that they thought that worst.

If it is severe and they can’t leave the house (or won’t), you may want to talk to a professional. Therapy and medication can really improve their life, especially if they are also dealing with some of the side effects, such as depression and alcohol (or drug) abuse.

How can it be treated or managed?

  • Therapy. Many people who struggle with agoraphobia find success with therapy. Therapists can help them learn to cope with their anxiety. They will work with you to overcome your fears and work through your anxiety. Many offer many tips for getting through panic attacks.
  • Medications. Some people require antidepressants or anti-anxiety medication in order to fully function in the world. These medications could really improve your life, though you still need to work with a therapist as you learn to deal with your agoraphobia.

Why should you call or see Dr. Anastasiou for Agoraphobia?

If you are struggling to get through your day and find yourself missing work and social events, you may want to consult Dr. Anastasiou to find ways to cope when you are out in public. If the thought of running errands makes you panic, we can help!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you or someone that you love is struggling with agoraphobia.