Situational stressors are temporary situations which are scary and which you  have no control over. These may include both negative and positive events. A presentation you have to give is a situational stressor. So is getting married, especially when the relatives start showing up. It’s important to note that situational stress is, almost by definition, something you can’t get rid of, but rather something which needs to be managed.

How to Manage Situational Stress

The best way to manage situational stressors is to learn proper stress management techniques. These might include positive visualization techniques, mindfulness, channeling stress energy into an activity, etc. Situational stress is a temporary situation that is generally associated with a specific event, but it affects different people to different degrees. Some people can sail through these situations. If you are not one of them, then you need to think about exercise, relaxation techniques, and seeing a therapist.

How to Help Somebody with Situational Stress

Seeing a friend or loved one stressed out can be painful. Assuming you can’t do anything about the cause of the stress in the first place (although sometimes you can, such as by offering to let them practice their presentation on you), then the best thing you can do is help take their mind off of the stress by distracting them with a fun activity. Suggesting they get professional help may be reasonable, but make sure they won’t resist the suggestion.

Why Call Dr. Anastasiou?

Dr. Alex Anastasiou is a trained psychiatrist with a lot of experience treating anxiety. He has over ten years of experience, and while he can prescribe medication he is also trained in psychotherapy techniques that can help you face down and deal with those stress demons. If you are going through a stressful life event or are planning an event that is becoming a little overwhelming, you should contact Dr. Anastasiou. He can help you learn to deal with not just these situational stressors but those bound to crop up in the future.

If you are stressed out over issues with your job, marriage, health or life, contact Dr. Anastasiou today.